How to Master Vibe

How to Master Vibe

In our polarised world, it can often feel like all we do is yell across the void. So you can understand how much of a superhuman skill it can be to be able to hold conflicting opinions in conversation, to enable to unlike minded to hear one another respectfully. This is what great vibe masters do, they create the perfect conditions for people to work together.

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Harness your inner Conductor, that’s the archetype that masters vibe if you need a reminder check out Module 1 (it’s FREE)

You will learn how to bring the unlike-minded together to solve problems and how to master vibe in this facilitation training 101.  In this module you will:

  • Understand ‘vibe’ and the importance of managing dynamics for producing outcomes
  • Develop the essential skills and tools vibe masters need
  • Understand why facilitation and vibe mastery are essential to social change

YLab acknowledges that this learning content was created on the lands of the Kulin nation. We pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander custodians of this land; past, present and emerging.

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